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Drum Cleaning

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Internal Cleaning

Complete Cleaning Procedure


Please prepare a pair of insulation gloves, brush for chaff cleaning. DO NOT use plastic brushes as it will melt and contaminated the chamber, or clean chaff after system fully cool down. You will also need a electronic scale to measure green beans, and a cooling tray (with fan will be better to speed up the cooling process of roasted beans)

Sandbox Smart R1 Roster suggested for 200g-550g, there will be slightly smoke if you choose dark roast. Please just turn on your extractor fan or use Sandbox Smart F1 Filter.

It is safe compare with gas or fire heating, but we still suggest that user need to be around the machine during roasting process. Please read our user manual for procedure and safety reminders. Do not touch the body and view window of the system when using it.
For door handle it can withstand 280 degrees of heat.

The 110v and 220v machine will have some voltage compensation to meet your household voltage, but basically there is no different. However, due to the difference in current power supply in various regions, there will be slight differences in firepower.
If you receive profiles of different voltages from your friend, you can adjust the profile’s voltage setting to your own preferences. It is recommended to fine-tune your 1st crack setting if you are using profile from different voltage.

Yes. To use it, you need to download the APP program. After logging in, use Bluetooth to connect to the machine. The machine can connect to one device at a time.

There is a machine switch at the right rear of the product.

Please download APP from Google Play or Apple APP store. Once you log in to our APP, there will be full instructions for the APP. You can also refer to our instruction clip on our YouTube channel.

Pre-heat times differ from 8-10 minutes, suggested pre-heat temperature is 180 C to 220 C.

Normally 1st crack will happen temperature is 175 C to 185 C. different beans will have different 1st crack times and temperatures.

Dimensions:L 32.8 x H 32.8 x W 27.5 cm
Recommended raw beans:200g-550g +/-20grams
Control:Smart APP, Bluetooth connection
Drum Speed:90rpm

Machine can reach to highest 250 C, it is just enough for home-usage.

You can turn on the system by long-press the power button. The system will automatically heat up with your previous profile. Since it will only have one default profile, we suggest you download Sandbox Smart APP for full authority to operate Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster.

For some phone/tablet models, please turn on the GPS function of your device if you still cannot connect to the device after turning on Bluetooth.

Blue bud disconnection will stop automatically after 3 minutes, and the machine will stop automatically after 20 minutes if the button is not pressed, or you can press the button on the machine to end the roasting in advance.

It will not continue to heat, and it will stop reheating after heating to a certain temperature. In order to maintain the temperature of the beans, it is recommended to put the drum within 3 minutes after preheating to start roasting the beans.

Drum : 0%. Drum will not rotate
Fan : 0%. In order to maintain the safety of ventilation, it will turn on at minimum speed.
Firepower: 0%. No heating

The highest temperature for our machine is 220C, if APP detects BT lost connection, it will automatically go cooling and stop roasting.

If you forget to push 1st crack button while roasting, you can still push “stop roasting” button and remove your beans. If no buttons were pushed, the system will stop automatically in 20 mins.

If the temperature does not rise as you expected, you can select “Manual setting” in the lower right corner to adjust heat and fan.

If you are using Sandbox Smart official profile, the roasting time will be from 9 to 13 mins based on the profile you choose. Also, roasting will differ by different types of beans.

After the countdown, please put on gloves and pull out the bean tray halfway.
Flip-up the opening of the bean output door and beans automatically fall into the tray. 
(Note: To close the output door, simply hard press both sides of the roasted bean doors)

Please clean out the coffee bean chaff after each use to avoid residual chaff from catching fire.

1.Put on gloves and take out the roasted bean tray.

2. Take out the chaff collection tray.

3. Make sure there are no sparks on the chaff, then pour it into the trash.

4. Reinsert the chaff collection tray, then roasted bean tray.

When roasting process is finished (after you take out the drum and close the front panel), Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster will start cooling itself. If you would like to continue roasting, you can manually select “Stop Cooling” and start another batch.

1. Before cleaning, unplug the power plug and make sure that the product is completely cool down.
2. Do not immerse the product in water or splash water on the product.
3. Please wash the drum with clean water, wipe it clean before using.
4. Please wait till system completes the cool-off before the cleaning process. You can clean the drum, the silver collection box, and inner cavity. Remove the chaff with a brush (do not use brush that will melt under high temperature). Do not use solvents other than water to clean the machine。

For detailed cleaning, please refer to the cleaning video.

Because the characteristics of each bean are different, you might encounter this problem if you use the same profile for a certain type of coffee bean, it is recommended that you can adjust your first crack time (longer or shorter) to correct this problem.