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Absolutely ! Our Sandbox Smart APP had coming with official profile (Light/Medium/Dark) which you can finish roasting in a simple click.

Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster is great to keep the original flavor of coffee bean from different region. You can simply adjust APP setting to gets the flavor you like and enjoy, share the roasting experience with your friends and family.

After roasting, a 100g of green bean will make about 85-88g of roasted bean. If your hand brew coffee ration is 1: 15, usually this amount can last about a week.

When coffee green beans heating up and goes through “edibility”, it will pass through first crack and second crack. When you hear three consecutive sounds in first crack, please push “First crack” button. If you set your profile to “Dark Roast” you will than hear second crack, again just push “Second crack” if you hear the cracking sound.
First crack : Mainly caused by the pressure created by the evaporation of water from the coffee beans.
Second crack : Carbon dioxide increases the pressure on the fiber cell tissue inside the coffee beans, which eventually causes the fibrous tissue to break, forming a “second crack.”

Due to different type of coffee beans and roasting setting, the color sometimes will varies. But we are confidence with the flavor that roast by our official profile.

Different type of beans have different roasting profile. Sandbox Smart APP provides 3 official roasting profile for light, medium and dark roast. You can choose the profile best for your beans, or turn to manual mode for your creativity to flow.

RoR is the growth rate of the bean temperature over time and it tells you how fast temperature of bean is changing.
For Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster, our ROR is detected in every 30 second. RoR can provide necessary temperature information and help you to plan your roasting profile.

Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster is suggest to roast with coffee green beans only.

IR heating with quartz tube.

Pre-heat time differ from 8-10 minutes, suggested pre-heat temperature is 180 C to 220 C. Normally 1st crack will happened 10 minutes after roasting started, but again, different beans will have different 1st crack time and temperature.

Dimensions: L 25.5 x H 26.0 x W 23.0 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Drum material: 304 food grade stainless steel
Recommended raw beans: 100 grams +/- 20 grams.
Control: Smart APP, Bluetooth connection
Power: 600W (0.6KW)
Drum Speed: 30 RPM

10% of fire power corresponds to about 30-40 W as full loading will be around 600W。

Machine can reach to highest 250 C, it is just enough for home usage.

As Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster with only 600 W, it cost less than NTD$ 1 (~USD 0.03)

Sandbox Smart R1 Roster suggested for 100g, there will be slightly smoke if you choose dark roast. Please just turn on your extractor fan.

It is safe compare with gas or fire heating, but we still suggest that user need to be around the machine during roasting process. Please read our user manual for procedure and safety reminders. Do not touch the body and view window of the system when using it.
For door handle it can withstand 280 degrees of heat.

Drum : 0%. Drum will not rotate
Fan : 0%. In order to maintain the safety of ventilation, it will turn on in minimum speed.
Firepower: 0%. No heating

Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster is on once you plug in the power. It will automatically shut down if system is in idle for 30 mins.
Just long press the LED button on machine and it will turns on again.
If you unplug the plug and re-plug it immediately, it will not turn on immediately due to the connection of the machine. It is recommended to plug in the plug after a 10-minute rest, or press and hold the button to boot.

The 110v and 220v machine will have some voltage compensation to meet your household voltage, but basically there is no different. However, due to the difference in current power supply in various regions, there will be slight differences in firepower.
If you receive profiles of different voltages from your friend, you can adjust the profile’s voltage setting to your own preferences. It is recommended to fine-tune your 1st crack setting if you are using profile from different voltage.

The highest temperature for our machine is 220C,if APP detect BT lost connection or temperature reach over 230C during roasting,it will automatically go cooling and stopping roasting.

Please prepare a pair of insulation gloves, brush for chaff cleaning. DO NOT use plastic brushes as it will melt and contaminated the chamber, or clean chaff after system fully cool down. You will also need a electronic scale to measure green beans, and a cooling tray (with fan will be better to speed up the cooling process of roasted beans)

Please download APP from Google Play or Apple APP store. Once you log in to our APP, there will be a full instruction for the APP. You can also refer to our instruction clip on our YouTube channel.

Yes. To use it, you need to download the APP program. After logging in, use Bluetooth to connect to the machine. The machine can connect to one device at a time.

Open up APP and choose “Pairing” after you log in, once you see the icon on upper right corner turn blue then it is connected. Please close your APP or system and restart them to do the pairing again if you fail on connecting.

You can turn on the system by long press the power button. System will automatically be heat up with your previous profile. Since it will only have one default profile, we suggest you to download Sandbox Smart APP for full authority to operate Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster.

If you forget to push 1st crack button while roasting, you can still push “stop roasting” button and remove your beans. If no buttons were pushed, the system will stop automatically in 20 mins.

This situation is same as above. The system will automatically stop at 20 mins, or you can long push the power button on front panel to stop roasting manually.

If the temperature does not rise as you expected, you can select “Manual setting” in lower right corner to adjust heat and fan.

If you are using Sandbox Smart official profile, the roasting time will be from 9 to 13 mins base on the profile you choose. Also, roasting will differ by different type of beans.

Be sure to wear gloves before you take out the drum (it is very hot). Place your hot roasted bean in cooling tray for fast cooling for better flavor.

When roasting process is finished (after you take out the drum and close the front panel), Sandbox Smart R1 Roaster will start cooling itself. If you would like to continue roasting, you can manually select “Stop Cooling” and start another batch.

Please long push the button on front panel until light turns off. If you encounter any issue and would like to stop the machine immediately you can also follow this instruction.

1.Before cleaning, unplug the power plug and make sure that the product is completely cool down.
2.Do not immerse the product in water or splash water on the product.
3.Please wash the drum with clean water, wipe it clean before using.
4. Wait for the machine to cool down completely after each usage. Please clean the drum, the chaff collection box, and the inside of the chamber. Use a brush (do not use a plastic brush) to remove the chaff. You can also use a cloth to wipe the inside of the chamber avoiding the heating tube and the temperature sensor. Do not use solvents other than water to wipe the machine.
5. The air outlet above the temperature sensor inside the chamber is easy to accumulate dust, please gently remove the dust with a brush.

For some mobile phone / tablet models, if the device cannot be connected after turning on Bluetooth, please turn on the GPS function of the device.

Because the characteristics of each bean are different, you might encounter this problem if you use the same profile for a certain type of coffee beans, it is recommended that you can adjust your first crack time (longer or shorter) to correct this problem.

Real-time control is to make immediate corrections for the occurrence of temporary conditions, because the modified parameters of the relationship of thermal performance are not absolute reference. It is recommended that if you use real-time control, suggest to add these information into your “MINE” profile for next time usage.

It will not continue to heat, and it will stop reheating after heating to a certain temperature. In order to maintain the temperature of the beans, it is recommended to put the drum within 3 minutes after preheating to start roasting the beans.