A Necessity for Bean-Roasting Amateurs

Coffee Cooler

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Fast cooling

Preserve the best

No more flying chaff

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Sandbox Smart C1

Specially Designed for You

The large 500g cooling volume is capable of cooling the coffee beans to room temperature within 1 minute; it is also suitable for large roasters. It rapidly cools down coffee beans, preventing coffee beans that have just completed roasting from continuous heating, thereby allowing for the perfect presentation of flavor.

C1 tray view


Perfectly sized holes
Coffee beans are kept on the top layer
Silver skin fall to the bottom layer

C1 filter net


The fallen silver skin is collected
Gathered for convenient cleaning

C1 Demo

Sophisticated outer appearance
Metallic shimmer
Blends into household design
Becomes an ideal decoration

fan demo

The suction force of the fan collects the fallen silver skin together for more convenient and faster cleaning! The material used is the 316 stainless steel which has passed the SGS food safety certification, making it safe and healthy.


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