How to receive your bonus points?

.If you spend over NTD 100, you will get 5 point bonus, less than NTD 100 will not have any point (the shipping cost is not included in bonus point reward plan).

.The bonus points of the order will be issued 14 days after the status of the EC order changes to [Completed].

.Special marketing activities feedback.

Rules of Use

.1(One) bonus point is converted to NTD 1 for the order. 
.The bonus discount is currently unlimited, but bonus points cannot be used to deduct your shipping fee.
.Can be used in stages.
.When the order has used bonus points, but apply for a return
    The bonus will be calculated as follows:
    1. Deduct the amount of bonus points accumulated by the order.
    2. Return the bonus points used in the order.
.The bonus points have a one-year use period.
.You can check the point period in “My Account”.

How to use

.When your bonus points are held, they will be automatically credited at checkout.

.Remove bonus points, use the points displayed on the top of the product, you can re-enter the points to do the discount.