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.What are accumulated points?
    The difference in membership level comes from the accumulation of your own points.
    The more points you accumulate by spending, the higher your membership level will be in the next period.

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.Spending points: 1 point will be accumulated after spending 1 (NTD, New Taiwan Dollar), based on the actual checkout amount
   (shipping fee does not count as points).
.The accumulation points are count every three months, there are four sessions (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December)
.Each period will be settled on the last day of the period, and the membership level of the next period will be calculated, and the points will be reset to zero.

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Accumulated at least 1000 points from last quarter

Accumulated at least 3000 points from last quarter
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Official Profile O O O O O
Manual Control O O O O
Advanced Profile O O
Contest Profile O O
Mine 20 Records 30 Records 50 Records 100 Records
Sharing Mine O O O O
Sharing History O O O O O
History Records 20 Records 20 Records 30 Records 50 Records 100 Records
Roast History Cloud Backup O O O O
History Export O O
History comparison O O
Re - Roast O O O O
ROR Curve O O O O
Inbox 20 Records 30 Records 50 Records 100 Records
Reward Points O O O O
Bonus Points Accumulation O O O O
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Common Questions

.Refunds will be made when the return is completed.
.Points are not transferable.
.Auto Accumulation Upgrade.