smart coffee roaster
smart coffee roaster
smart coffee roaster

You can be the master in a simple touch!

Smart bean roaster Sandbox Smart R1 provides a simple and easy APP
that makes our coffee lover to create and have fun with :

Automatic mode (Sandbox Smart Profile)

The best profile provides by Sandbox Smart expert with rich and aromatic flavor with just a 100g of green beans no matter in light/medium or dark roast.

Manual mode

For advance coffee lover, Sandbox Smart provides manual mode as an alternative profile of coffee bean roasting. You can adjust all the key parameters of bean roasting:heat, damper, and speed. You can also adjust the time and parameters after the first crack to create your own coffee flavor and profile.

Sandbox Smart R1 gives you creativity and fun while having flavor and taste !

smart coffee roaster

Automatic Roasting record in APP

Cumulative roasting time
ROR- Return on revenue
Temperature per seconds

Coffee bean first crack record
Turning Point record
Heat/Fan speed/Drum parameter
smart coffee roaster
smart coffee roaster
Model Sandbox Smart R1
Batch Capacity 100g (0.22lbs)
Heating Method Electric Heating
Voltage AC 110V / 220V (50-60) Hz
Power 600W
Drum Rotation 30rpm
Communication Bluetooth
smart coffee roaster

smart coffee roaster

About Sandbox Smart Technology

We are group of coffee lovers with strong background in high-tech industry.

Our goals is to make our customer experience the convenience of everyday life through innovative smart home technologies.

Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Bean Roaster is our first hit and starting point, we believe soon you will experience the joy and the flavor which it brings.

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